Professional Service Organizations

For law firms, corporate legal departments, notary offices, accounting firms and other professional service organizations client cases are their core business. In these fields a secure infrastructure and proper protection of information are essential to comply with governance and privacy rules.

Legal secretaries no longer have to produce documents solely from dictation, but work on documents forwarded by attorneys to make the necessary text alterations and house style adaptations. Clients nowadays also like concertation. They want to be kept up to date and are willing to pass on new information and corrections to documents digitally. Therefore direct access to information for all parties involved is essential. For most cases this will mean improved lead times and lower overhead costs which could even result into more compatible fees.

Paperiton deploys proven solutions that empower legal firms and their employees to organize, find, share and protect all information across teams and their customers. When connected to Time & Billing systems all case information will be available at all times to make working with documents even more efficient. The application comes with standard version management, routing and workflow and has a lot of personalized features like:

With these all users become happy users as they have the exact tools to work faster and more efficient. If so desired, your clients can also be given permission to access their own case documents via the internet whenever that’s needed. They won’t see all, but just those documents they are authorized for.