One of the biggest challenges for industrial companies is to produce goods at the best price/quality ratio. Due to the increasing competition there is a need to produce faster and more efficient, without compromising the quality of the product. Buying cheaper will help, but equally important is the preservation of knowledge within the company. Knowledge is lost when employees leave the company. This could have profound implications.

In additon, the requirements relating to safety and traceability of products are becoming more and more strict. Certifications are no longer nice to have, but a pure necessity. As a result, the need arises to start capturing unstructured information as well as data. Paperiton DMS makes unstructured information structured by providing the user standard solutions for storage, protection and maintenance of all types of documents. By making use of data sets from ERP systems, the documents in Paperiton DMS are automatically related to products, projects and customers. This is not only important for the production process in itself, but also for links to sales information, contract management and service information after these products have been sold. A link between production processes and machine instructions as well as product manuals will make it easier for organizations to capture, keep and safeguard essential information, even when employees retire.

Paperiton has a profound knowledge of connections to the most common ERP and financial systems, like BAAN-, SAP- en Navision. Paperiton DMS uses data from these systems for standardization and quality improvement. A better level of quality of the information makes product and quality audits a lot easier.

To save on costs and improve the quality, many industrial companies consider buying invoice capturing software. The invoices will be recognized and stored in Paperiton DMS. The invoice data will be stored in the financial system. A URL to the invoice can be made available to the financial system to show the digital invoice together with the invoice data. By means of a standard workflow in Paperiton DMS the invoice approval process can be started.

For Paperiton the user is the most important player in the game. Therefore a lot of features are user specific and can be set exactly to the needs.

Paperiton DMS supports personal:

With these all users become happy users as they have the exact tools to work faster and more efficient.