Custom Document Management Solutions

Paperiton DMS is designed from ground up with adaptivity in mind. While the standard product is sufficient for most customers, often something else is needed.

Paperiton has created a DMS-based system for Suomen Kaukokiito Oy, a very large Finnish logistics company, for the handling of customer cases. Kaukokiito Oy

The cases handled by the software are very document intensive. Each case may have anything between 8 to 50 documents, which all are needed in the handling process. The handling process involves the different departments and terminals of Kaukokiito, customers, and transport companies.

The in-house processing of the cases is mainly done with a custom Windows application, which has been integrated to scanning process and Microsoft Outlook®. Other departments use an intranet web application to access the information they need, while transport companies have an extranet web application to use. All these web applications have the related documents of the cases available, as defined by the role of the user.

A connection to the financial administration's system was also a part of this project.

All the case information and the related documents need to be available at least for 6 years, preferably much longer, for all involved parties.

In this case, perhaps surprisingly, the standard Paperiton DMS clients are not used at all.