Solutions for Construction Companies

Information management in construction projects can be enhanced considerably by using a standard document management system. The added value of a combination of both data and information in documents is imminent.

Project developers, architects, building contractors and installation companies operate and cooperate in projects. Good communication between parties involved is therefore pretty essential. Project data and project documents stored in a central place have to be reachable at all times for authorized users. Paperiton can supply these companies with a ready to start solution, not only to support collaboration in projects, but also for the internal organizational needs like quality control and personnel management.

All parties involved can benefit by using Paperiton DMS Embedded. Just “dropping” documents to a project file via the internet is no longer a miracle but an easy way to proceed. Emails with huge enclosures are no longer needed.

Paperiton has a lot of experience with connections to the most common ERP and financial systems, like BAAN-, SAP- en Navision/4PS. Paperiton DMS uses data from these systems for standardization and quality improvement. A better level of quality of the information makes project audits a lot easier.

For Paperiton the user is the most important player in the game. Therefore a lot of features are user specific and can be set exactly to the needs.

Paperiton DMS supports personal:

With these all users become happy users as they have the exact tools to work faster and more efficient.