Paperiton DMS Client

Paperiton DMS Client is the application for users who add, create, modify and search for documents.

Document versioning, access rights, approval/handling processes, routing, with many other features are all available to you.

The folder view presents the contents of the DMS archive as a hierarchical structure.

In document and folder lists you can select the columns you want to see, if it was one of the custom metas or any other document or folder property.

In Search Tool you can choose the criteria you need, stored queries, and re-use previous ones. Any of the built-in or custom metas as well as contents search are available for you.

Document previews are available for most document types. Instead of opening every document or old version to search something in it, you can use the previews to locate whatever you are looking for.

The "What's New" feature makes it possible for you to see what is happening in the DMS. Easily define your own custom filters, and in seconds you will be able to check what is new regarding your project.

Learning to use Paperiton DMS Client is not demanding at all. You will be working in no time, with the tools to help you. From day one it will save you time, allowing you to focus better on your tasks.