Paperiton DMS LINK

Paperiton DMS LINK makes it possible to access documents residing inside Paperiton DMS directly with a URL, a document's web address.

You can use DMS LINK for example to create Microsoft® Excel® documents that read values from other Excel documents residing inside Paperiton DMS. These kinds of documents are often also called compound documents.

While linked Microsoft® Excel® documents may be the most common scenario for using this functionality, it can be as well used by any application that is able to link to documents from a website. Often it is also a good idea to send the LINK URL in an email instead of an attached document.

Documents can be accessed either by the unique document ID (DocId), or by a user-defined permanent name. You can copy a document's LINK address easily from within DMS Windows client, and then paste it as a link to wherever it is needed.

User authentication of DMS LINK is based on Active Directory / Windows domain. The domain account is mapped to a DMS user account, and document access rights are based on the DMS account access rights.