Document management is our passion.

Already a long time ago, we understood that the typically missing ingredient in the office work place is control of the information in all sorts of documents.

Without a proper document management system, information is lost, or missing. Too much time is spent looking after something that has been seen somewhere, sometime, perhaps.

There is no magic wand needed to take care of that. There is no need to have a never-ending requirements gathering project to get started. We have done it many times, why not ask us?

We do our software development with the same attitude as the traditional craftsmen did their work hundreds of years ago. If it is worth doing, it should be done well.

The company, Paperiton BV is registered in The Netherlands, but born international in 2002.

And, we do not care how you pronouce the name, it is Finnish and means simply "paperless".

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Paperiton - Positively Different!